We are pleased to formally confirm that the opening of Ghana will take place on December 5, 2011!

Take control of your life today! Work your own hours and earn money selling scientifically proven, high quality nutritional products. Herbalife values the importance of personal, one-on-one interaction, so you won’t find our products in shops.

Over 2.1 million Distributors in more than 74 countries have made the Herbalife choice, are you ready to join them?

What are the opportunities on the Ghanees market? Ghana is a country with almost 30 million people. In other African countries Herbalife is already a huge success. Because you will be one of the first distributors in Ghana, this will give you an enormous advantage on the rest.

  • Because we are expanding our business to Ghana, we are looking for people with contacts in Ghana. We can help you and your contacts to start a home-based-business and make money!
  • Increase your income with Herbalife

  • By becoming a Herbalife Independent Distributor you can boost your income while helping people meet their nutritional needs. Working either full or part time to fit your schedule, you can build your own business and sell proven, high-quality products which are not available in the shops. The exclusivity of our products will help you to build a base of long-term customers, who will turn to you for tailored support and advice.
  • You do not need to be a nutrition expert to become a Herbalife Independent Distributor as you receive all the guidance you need. When you sign up, you will benefit from detailed instruction from your personal Herbalife coach who will be on hand to answer your questions and help you complete your training.


Benefits of becoming a Herbalife Independent Distributor

• Work from home, decide on hours to suit you.
• Earn extra money, lucrative compensation plan.
• Sell reputable, proven products used by millions of customers every single day.
• Join over 2.1 million Independent Distributors worldwide.
• Receive tried and tested training and support.

Start your own business with Herbalife

  • Are you tired of working for others, and want to be your own boss, with the flexibility that allows? Do you want to supplement your current income, earning extra cash for today or planning for the future? You are not alone. However, unlike many of the others, you are here, on the threshold of an exciting business opportunity.
  • The key to that opportunity is Choice.
  • The Herbalife business opportunity allows you to decide the level of time and commitment you want to devote to your independent business. You can choose where and when you work; choose how you structure your business. Of course, the amount you get out will be directly proportionate to the effort you put in - but with Herbalife, that's your choice. All of this, whilst safe in the knowledge that you have the support of a successful, credible, international company behind you. With Herbalife, starting your own business is straightforward and doesn't require any previous experience or education. An existing Herbalife Independent Distributor will take you through everything you need to know, and continue to give you guidance and support to help you grow your business.


Herbalife Ghana

Formula 1 - Vanilla
Formula 1 - Chocolate
Formula 1 - Strawberry
Formula 1 - Tropical Fruit
Formula 1 - Cappuccino
Formula 1 - Cookies and Cream
Formula 1 Sachets - Vanilla
Herbal Aloe Concentrate
Formula 3 – Personalised Protein Powder
Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extracts Original
Flavour 50g
Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extracts Peach
Flavour 50g
Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extracts
Raspberry Flavour 50g
Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extracts Lemon
Flavour 50g
Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extracts Original